I treat my visual art the same as I do songwriting –
I’m here to tell a story.
The ordinary everyday world shows me what to draw.
My job is to intentionally make my mind blank and just see what is in front of me.

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My influences?
Cartoons, line drawings, my quite extensive stamp collection, Francisco Goya’s etchings, Karl Blossfeldt’s nature photography, Cy Twombly, Francesco Clementi, my friend Tarka Kings, and what I call rhythmic visual dissonance – the objects and repeated patterns of daily life, be it a parking lot seen from the window of a plane, stones on a beach, the pavers in the streets of Rome, a vase of flowers.

I look for the humor in the mundane, the beauty in the rubble,
The grace of the overlooked detail.
I’m not interested in exact replicas. We already have that.