“Darden’s work shows a sensibility of quiet noticing and subtle humor. His works are small jewels.”
Katherine Brimberry – Flatbed Press, Austin, TX.

I treat my visual art the same as I do songwriting:
I’m here to tell a story,
To find the humor in the mundane, the beauty in the rubble,
The grace of the overlooked detail.
I’m not interested in exact replicas.
We already have that.

Most of my work starts in a notebook, with a pen.
From there, I might put a bit of color on it.
People, buildings, simple everyday things, nature,
I just draw what I see.

My influences?
Cartoons, line drawings, my quite extensive stamp collection, Francisco Goya’s etchings, Karl Blossfeldt’s nature photography, Cy Twombly, Francesco Clementi, my friend Tarka Kings, and what I call rhythmic visual dissonance – the objects and repeated patterns of daily life, be it a parking lot seen from the window of a plane, stones on a beach, the pavers in the streets of Rome, a vase of flowers.

“Smith’s works remind us of our common humanity. It is not their technique that makes them so enchanting; it is the empathy that they express.”
Mark Smith, PhD – Mark Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX.

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