Austin, TX — Cactus Cafe w/ Monte Warden and Walt Wilkins

What started out as a one-off show in Luckenbach earlier this year has now grown into something of a problem. But we’re gonna make it through this without too much bodily harm.

Monte Warden and Walt Wilkins are two of my favorite people in the world (although it’s a very long list, so it’s not as amazing as it sounds) and I LOVE their songs. We’ll be on stage together, trading songs, jokes and insults (for Monte).

Come prepared to laugh, cry (again, Monte), and hear some damned good songs.

Ticket info TBA



My first wife and I get engaged when I’m 22
And her father sends me the letter.
He’s very concerned about my career choice
And wonders if I would consider a trade school;
Something to fall back on.

After I calm down, I write him a letter.
I tell him that my father always told me to never have a Plan B.
If you have it, you’ll use it.

I also say that when I get to be 30, if there’s absolutely zero chance
Of making a living at music,
Then I’ll think about some other line of work.
But until then, no.

The marriage doesn’t work out,
But the plan does.

(By the way, I grew to love this guy, and he became a big fan. Word has it that when I got my first press in Chicago, he carried a copy of the story around to show his friends.)